About Dawnland

~ a directors statement ~

I love history, and the movies I love most deeply are period pieces.

Ancient Rome, 1940s film noir, native America before the Europeans came movies set in these eras never fail to captivate me as a viewer. I am also passionate about helping people, and art that raises consciousness. When I set out to make my first film, it was native America that sang to me most deeply. I wanted to retell the history of the American revolution from the perspective of the indigenous tribes who were caught in the middle of this enormous event.

As such, I see Changeling both as a short film to be enjoyed in its own right, and as the first installment in a projected trilogy of short films that will deal with these characters in particular, and the Abenaki as a people during the volatile decade in which the republic of the United States was born. This trilogy will be called Champlain Suite.

One cannot just love history in part it is essential that we give voice in every new era to those whose voices have yet to be heard. I feel blessed that the Abenaki, whose name means The People of the Dawn, welcomed me, and were so generous in helping me tell a bit of their history.

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In competition for "Women Like Short" at the Salento International Film Festival in Italy